Car Power inverter 12V 24V 220V Power Inverter Adapter Converter USB Power Supply Switch On-Board Charger Fit below 800W

Car Power inverter 12V 24V 220V Power Inverter Adapter Converter USB Power Supply Switch On-Board Charger Fit below 800W Specifics Battery Capacity(mAh) 2000-3000 Number Of Built-in Batteries 2 Special Features Cigarette Lighter Starter,USB Fast Charge One Way Fast Charge External Testing Certification ROHS Conversion Rate >90% Voltage 12V Brand Name GSPSCN Item Weight 1000g   Features: - High converting efficiency. - Under voltage shutdown protection. - Overload protection, overheat protection. - Invert DC 24V to household AC 110V/220V, power a wide variety of household AC products. - Low battery alarm, low / high battery shut down. - Automatic thermal shut down. - Safely shuts down if under over temperature or overload condition. - Operate a 25 inch TV for about 4 hours from a typical car battery. - Advanced chip technology, high conversion efficiency. - Intelligent cooling fan system, CPU microprocessor to realize multiple protection. - Protect the electrical and automotive circuits in use. - Can be operated with your car cigarette socket or direct connected with wires clips. - Adapting Aluminum Alloy case, antioxidant, sturdy and durable. Technical Parameters: - Input voltage: 22 - 28V (DC 24V) - Output voltage: AC 220V - Output frequency: 50HZ plus / minus 5 percent , 60HZ plus / minus 5 percent - Output waveform: Modified sine wave - Fuse: 10A / 15A / 20A / 40A / 70A - Over heat protection: 60 deg.c plus / minus 5 percent / 60 deg.c plus / minus 10 percent - Low Battery Alarm (nominal): 16 - 18V - Low Battery Shutdown Point (nominal): 17 - 19V - High Battery Shutdown Point (nominal): 27 - 31V - Unload current: Less than 0.3A - Conversion efficiency: More than 92% - Continues AC Output Power: 800W - 30-minute AC Output Power: 700W - Battery power: without Battery - Actual power:800W Color: Titanium,gray,black Features: Invert DC 24V to household AC 110v/220V Input: 22-28V Output: 110V/220V USB output: 5V 1000mA

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